Who are we?

NP Logistic Services specialises in transport. Our professional organisation guarantees careful transportation of your goods: on the road, across the water and through the air. Our team of experienced professionals has a great passion for the transport sector. They see it as their challenge to be as flexible as possible in responding to all your transport questions: the more complex your request, the greater the challenge!

Whether transporting goods locally or internationally from A to B: we take care of the global transport of groupage, LTL, FTL, LCL and FCL at competitive prices. It goes without saying that we take the utmost care and accuracy when handling your goods. And to keep the lines as short as possible, you always have one single point of contact within NP Logistic Services. In this way, we can offer you the best service; fast, flexible, reliable and focused.

NP Logistic Services does more than simply transporting your goods. To take the hassle out of transportation, we take care of the entire process. On request, we also take care of the coordination between all parties and arrange handling of the necessary administrative procedures.


Road transport: delivery at the right time

Transport is an essential pillar of the European economy. Without transport, everything literally grinds to a halt. Much of what we eat, wear and use is supplied by trucks. It is obviously of the utmost importance that all these goods arrive at the place of destination in good condition and at exactly the right time. NP Logistic Services plans and executes transport in such a way that all these facets are assured at any time. We specialise in transporting full loads (FTL), part loads (LTL) and groupage.

Our experienced employees know the laws and regulations regarding international (road) transport for each European country. Because we ensure optimum capacity utilisation and cooperate with various international partners, we can organise your transport efficiently and with the greatest care. You can also count on us for emergency transports or last-minute requests. Would you like to find out more? Read more under 'Courier'.


Sea freight: contacts all over the world

Not all transport takes place by road. Sometimes a longer transit time is acceptable, or certain routes may be impossible to travel by truck. NP Logistic Services is the right choice for your intercontinental sea freight as well.

With contacts all over the world and many years of experience in the transport industry, our employees are able to offer the best and most efficient solutions for sea freight as well. Export and import are also handled on the basis of Full Container Loads (FCL), Less Container Loads (LCL) or groupage. We can also make a competitive offer for smaller batches regardless of the shipping or receiving area. We will obviously keep you up to date with information on all sea freight, so that you know how your transport is coming along.


Air freight: short transit times

If your goods need to arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time, we can advise you about the various possibilities for transport of your shipment via air freight. By making use of air transport, we can achieve short transit times over long distances. Despite long distances and, often, small batches, your shipments are closely monitored. NP Logistic Services is available 24/7 and of course we will always keep you up to date on the status of your shipments. We can offer competitive prices thanks to our longstanding cooperation with many airlines. In addition, our close cooperation with various partners in air transport ensures that we can transport your goods carefully and quickly, to any destination in the world.


Courier: urgent and last-minute requests

NP Logistic Services can help you with emergency transports and last-minute requests. For shipments up to around 1,500kg we always have a vehicle in the vicinity of your freight. Thanks to our extensive European network, we can often provide same-day service–depending on the distance, of course. Whether your transport is going from the Netherlands to Poland or from Sweden to Portugal: you can leave your goods in our hands with peace of mind. Incidentally, we do not charge for kilometres that do not have added value for you: we charge one-way rates only!

In opposition to what you are used to, we calculate one-way rates. Therefore you do not pay for kilometres that are of no value to you. 


Warehousing: safe and clean storage of your goods

Do you have goods that need to be temporarily stored? NP Logistic Services has its own warehouse with a capacity of a whopping 15,000 square meters, for safe and clean storage of your goods. We also have all the necessary facilities to load your goods and seal them if necessary.

Thanks to the central location of this warehouse in the logistical hotspot of Venlo–in the middle of its rapidly growing logistics centre and only a few kilometres away from the German border–your goods reach the desired location as soon as possible.


Accounting: efficient administration

We understand that you want administrative processing to be as efficient as possible. You can therefore send your invoices digitally to accounting@np-ls.nl. You can address any questions about payment and invoicing here as well.